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SP2013 JSLink issue

I began working with SP2013 about a month ago, and one of the new features included in this iteration of SharePoint is JSLink. I began researching and found some very helpful blogs and articles explaining how it works and providing examples for its use. I immediately dove in to try it in my own environment.

The first example i tried was from This is a very basic example which replaces every word in a specific column with the word “Animal”. So i create a custom list, add a new column (taking advantage of the new quick edit feature), and give each item some unique values. Finally I drop the list view web part on a new page i made to test on. After setting up the JSLink to point to my JS file, i clicked save and waited for the magic to happen… Only when it loaded, nothing happened. All of the values in that column were unchanged!

So what happened? I scoured the internet to find anything that might give me a clue as to what happened. I found people having issues with the minimal download strategy, mismatches on the field name they were targeting and the internally stored field name, and certain column types that do not allow custom JSLink rendering.

That last one though… that kind of stuck out to me. The column i had created wasn’t made in the list settings but in the quick edit grid view. To be honest i had no idea how it was being created in the background. I created two more columns, one using an existing site column “Categories” and another created column called “Category”.

Final result is both traditionally created column worked perfectly, while the quick edit column is not recognized. What a headache.

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Web service returning XML instead of JSON

I’m designing a web service (asmx) using the .NET framework 3.5 on an MVC site with the requirement to return JSON. Using some basic tutorials and the templates Visual Studio provides i was able to get a working model running on my laptop. When I deployed the solution to the server the results came back as XML.

I found the solution here. Since I am using .NET 3.5 for my web service, the handlers for the asmx  are not included in the machine.config. Adding the following line under system.webServer fixed this issue.

        &lt;add name="ScriptHandlerFactory"
             verb="*" path="*.asmx"
                 System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, 
             resourceType="Unspecified" /&gt;

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IE phone number lync icons

So my client wanted a footer on their home page with contact information which includes a phone number.  When I added the text for the number this weird icon appeared next to it to quick dial through Lync.

The format of the number was “+1.888.555.1234”. I searched for a solution online an besides disabling Lync phone icons from your browser, setting up custom rules on AD or  using jQuery (or even worse, CSS based on the GUID class name). I couldn’t find a best practice solution which would require minimal development effort and was not a serious hack.

What I ended doing to fix this issue was to break apart the number into two <span> tags so IE would not reorganize it as a number. The html looked like this:


While this is still kind of a hack (I foresee issues with giving span padding) this met the client’s requirements and seems like the most effective solution to the issue. If anyone has a better solution I’d love to hear it so please leave a comment below.

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Slow download speed

I recently moved into a new house last week and was told the internet was “pretty good”. So it surprised me when I booted up my laptop and could not even load YouTube.

Not believing for one second that this was the “pretty good” internet i was told of, I went to “”. After running the full cycle of download/upload speeds i came up with a result of .26 Mbps and 11.2 Mbps. Now i was confused, upload is traditionally much slower than download. I opened my favorite browser and searched around until i found this post here.

Turns out the router has a settings called WMM. So what is a WMM? According to NetGear:

This technology maintains the priority of audio, video and voice applications in a Wi-Fi network so that other applications and traffic are less likely to slow them. In this way, in a phone conversation, you are less likely to hear delays. Watching video, you are more likely to see smooth action. This delays other network traffic of a less critical nature — such as downloading large files — where a small delay is acceptable.

So any Wi-Fi devices using a router with this enabled are going to have their download speeds drastically throttled. Switching this setting to “off” turned my .26 Mbps to 19.42 Mbps.

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Cisco VPN Connection Problems

This is an error I have seen a few times now. I attempt to open Cisco VPN client and nothing happens. After several minutes i get a popup with the following message:


After some digging around and ignoring advice to re-install just about everything I was finally able to fix it.

In the start menu make a search for Services which will have a gear symbol next to it. Open that up and find Cisco Services, right click and click Enable. Now it should start up no problem.

Another issue I have seen:

Sometime Cisco VPN virual device will fail to enable when you log on. Normally this is switched on when the client application attempts to connect to the VPN. If the device is unable to be switched on you will get an error that it was not able to connect to the network. To solve this issue type “Device Manager” into the search box in the start up menu and open Device Manager. Open Network Adapters, right click on Cisco Systems and enable this device. That should enable it to work.

If you attempt to reconnect and after a few seconds the Cisco device switches itself to disabled, go back to Services and find Internet Connection Sharing service. Change the start up type from automatically to manual to finally allow the connection.

References: with cisco vpn, need to start up service in services

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