First Post

Hey all! This is my first blog so bear with me as i go through a painful learning period over my first few dozen (hundred?)  posts. My ultimate goal is more to utilize this blog as a learning experience than anything but if i help out anyone along the way that’s great! I really do appreciate anyone who reads this and want to thank you before i even get started.

One of the things i learned a long time ago about myself was that i do not learn well from a technical document or book. Give me a visual representation of it and good things happen, things just click. That is why I have always been appreciative of learning materials which cut out the extreme technical language and explain it using real life examples and down-to-earth language.  With that in mind my first few posts are not going to be technical or cover 100% of the material, especially since my goal is for personal growth 🙂

Anyways, hope you enjoy my blog!

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