Could not find specified assembly

Last month I started working for a company to finish a project for them. The visual studio solution file had a single project that took around 5 minutes to deploy just from how bulky it had gotten; additionally there is a lot more work to be done. To save myself development time and just organize the project more efficiently I created a new solution fragmented to several projects.

After setting up the event receivers and features to affect only their pieces, it was time to deploy. The main home page is deployed to SERVER/_layouts/name/filename.aspx, so I’ll check there first (I know, deploying your home page to _layouts is silly, but I inherited it and after several recommendations to rebuild using SharePoint standards they still want to use this file).



Uh oh, seems like I got an error. The good news is the page is found and SharePoint is attempting to parse the file. So at this point I run through some basic steps for what could be the cause.

  • reset iis
  • manually uninstall and remove the farm solutions and redeploy with a clean slate
  • deactivate/activate features
  • check assembly to ensure a program is not holding it, the “Last Modified” should match the time deployed. (See pic below)



Looks like the correct “last modified”… wait, what’s the Public Key Token I am using in my file? Looks like when i created the new project the project was assigned a new Token. I switched out the old token with the new token in all places in my project and redeployed which did the trick.

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