Multi-level site headers

The objective is to handle headers for a main site and several smaller micro sites. Each microsite will have multiple pages which should display the micro-site header. Unpublished content should not be displayed

public PartialViewResult Header()
    //AncestorOrSelf in IContent
        var pageId = UmbracoContext.PageId;
        var item = Services.ContentService.GetById(pageId.Value);

        //Check current Item for "Site Components" folder.
        var siteComp = item.Children()
            .FirstOrDefault(m => m.Published 
                && m.ContentType.Alias == "folderSiteComponents");

        //If current item does not have it, then search ancestors
        if (siteComp == null)
            siteComp = item.Ancestors()
            .Select(m => m.Children()
                .FirstOrDefault(n => n.Published 
                    && n.ContentType.Alias == "folderSiteComponents"))
            .LastOrDefault(m => m != null);

        //Once folder is found, check its children for an item named "Header".
        var header = siteComp.Children()
            .Where(m => m.Published && m.ContentType.Alias == "ciHeader")
            .Select(m => _glassService.CreateType<Header>(m))
        return PartialView("~/Views/Partials/_Header.cshtml", header);
    catch (Exception e)

    return PartialView("~/Views/Partials/_Header.cshtml");

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