Cisco VPN Connection Problems

This is an error I have seen a few times now. I attempt to open Cisco VPN client and nothing happens. After several minutes i get a popup with the following message:


After some digging around and ignoring advice to re-install just about everything I was finally able to fix it.

In the start menu make a search for Services which will have a gear symbol next to it. Open that up and find Cisco Services, right click and click Enable. Now it should start up no problem.

Another issue I have seen:

Sometime Cisco VPN virual device will fail to enable when you log on. Normally this is switched on when the client application attempts to connect to the VPN. If the device is unable to be switched on you will get an error that it was not able to connect to the network. To solve this issue type “Device Manager” into the search box in the start up menu and open Device Manager. Open Network Adapters, right click on Cisco Systems and enable this device. That should enable it to work.

If you attempt to reconnect and after a few seconds the Cisco device switches itself to disabled, go back to Services and find Internet Connection Sharing service. Change the start up type from automatically to manual to finally allow the connection.

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