IE phone number lync icons

So my client wanted a footer on their home page with contact information which includes a phone number.  When I added the text for the number this weird icon appeared next to it to quick dial through Lync.

The format of the number was “+1.888.555.1234”. I searched for a solution online an besides disabling Lync phone icons from your browser, setting up custom rules on AD or ¬†using jQuery (or even worse, CSS based on the GUID class name). I couldn’t find a best practice solution which would require minimal development effort and was not a serious hack.

What I ended doing to fix this issue was to break apart the number into two <span> tags so IE would not reorganize it as a number. The html looked like this:


While this is still kind of a hack (I foresee issues with giving span padding) this met the client’s requirements and seems like the most effective solution to the issue. If anyone has a better solution I’d love to hear it so please leave a comment below.

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