Slow download speed

I recently moved into a new house last week and was told the internet was “pretty good”. So it surprised me when I booted up my laptop and could not even load YouTube.

Not believing for one second that this was the “pretty good” internet i was told of, I went to “”. After running the full cycle of download/upload speeds i came up with a result of .26 Mbps and 11.2 Mbps. Now i was confused, upload is traditionally much slower than download. I opened my favorite browser and searched around until i found this post here.

Turns out the router has a settings called WMM. So what is a WMM? According to NetGear:

This technology maintains the priority of audio, video and voice applications in a Wi-Fi network so that other applications and traffic are less likely to slow them. In this way, in a phone conversation, you are less likely to hear delays. Watching video, you are more likely to see smooth action. This delays other network traffic of a less critical nature — such as downloading large files — where a small delay is acceptable.

So any Wi-Fi devices using a router with this enabled are going to have their download speeds drastically throttled. Switching this setting to “off” turned my .26 Mbps to 19.42 Mbps.

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